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If you have an idea, suggestion or an event please email us at rlh@tcda.org

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Titusville Towne Square


     After the devastating fire of March 18, 2015, the Titusville Authority worked diligently to rebuild Towne Square.  The fire, smoke, and over 2 million galls of water destroyed everything in the building.  Everything was removed down to the studs.  

The first priority was the first floor to get the Blue Canoe back in business. Of course it was the old story. Fix one thing and three more pop up that need fixed.  Eventually we finished.  In February 2016 the final touches were completed.

The second and third floors are being renovated now, with new.... pretty much everything. The windows, however, were okay, which is a good thing because there are over 90 of them and they are very expensive.

The renovations gave us an opportunity to make some changes.  We also left a few office suites incomplete to be custom designed for your needs.

The fully-equipped conference rooms are now on the second floor.   They can accommodate small groups all the way to large groups of 49 people. 



                 See Rebuild Pictures                                 


   Take a tour of Towne Square 
(Before the Fire) 


 Towne Square Now



 110 W. Spring St., 2nd Floor, PO Box 425, Titusville, PA 16354                                                814-827-3668


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